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The Regional Chronicle intends to be interesting news platform specially for those seeking what is going on in countries bordering or closely affected by Russia ranging from Nordic countries all the way to South Caucasus. The general idea is to raise news concerning defense, business, study, research and work opportunities, opinion papers from the region to counter the language isolation and unawareness of politics going on in each of the countries even when it would be beneficial to be easily checkd from one site. The "region" covers of all them countries in this streak with obvious additions. Regional Chronicle attempts to counter negative Russian influence, and Russia benefiting from the isolation of the countries from each others, and to allow one location to check for news concerning this streak of countries bordering Russia.

For suitable persons Regional Chronicle can provide launchpad for new directions for career. It is not all that is meets the eye. We can provide much more. Mainly we are interested in people having analytical thinking, preferably education in International Relations, Diplomacy Studies, International Security, but Journalists and skilled persons wanting to make a difference in site design are welcome to join in, even though the looks of the site are second to the content and security.

Editor: Timo Knuutila

Timo has been carrying out career in IT companies. Currently working with Dell Software Group, and earlier with and for hp, Pfizer, IBM, Nokia, NSN, and so forth. Customer base ranges from the North American continent to EU and Middle East, covering government institutions, law enforcement agencies, and large international enterprises. Personal interests cover information warfare, cyber security, and Timo has been member of Internet Cyber Threat Task Force, ICTTF since the Irish chapter was set up, and has been along from the beginning of and carried out internship with The Intelligence Community LLC. He has been monitoring Ukrainian local elections before the latest war broke out in Ukraine, and has been attending numerous intensive attendance seminars in various countries in the field of International Relations, International Politics, and Cyber Security. Timo has built up local knowledge and quite deep understanding and experience about South Caucasus. He is quite connected person, not paling in comparison to many whose main day job is to network with circles in these fields.

Ex Co-Editor: Angelina Harutyunyan
Originally Angelina joined as having completed her BA, and two MAs in fields of diplomacy and International Relations. Before starting her MSc studies Angelina both volunteered, and worked for Regional Chronicle filling the contents with selected news articles, aggregating from various sources. She also was quick to learn the Google Apps platform took part in and contributed to the site design. She also understood the benefits of the Security and The above mentioned alignment of Regional Chronicle was not yet possible to be fully implemented at that stage and it may show in some of the article selections and writing style. The publishing controls however were tested and hence some articles got revised to change the tone and sometimes perhaps the vantage point to be more in line.

Nevertheless Angelina has been valuable contributor, and putting in countless hours in building the site towards being ready to be demoed to interested parties. She has since studied MSc International Defense and Security at the Cranfied University at UK Defence Academy campus and graduated top of her class with honors. Later career includes government work as Defense Expert for Parliament of Republic of Armenia and she has been further advancing her career as legislative fellow at U.S. Congress.

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+358 45 247 0811
Skype: regional.chronicle (not really in use at the moment)


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