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Libyan soldiers arrive in Turkey for training

A group of Libyan soldiers arrived in the city of Isparta on Saturday to be trained by the Turkish military.

Wires reported on Sunday that 185 Libyan soldiers started their training soon after their plane touched down at the airport in the western city of Isparta. The Turkish military will train groups of Libyan soldiers, a total of some 3,000 in all, in a 14-week-long course before sending them back to Libya to join the professional national army.

The training covers basic military skills and is governed by the memorandum of understanding on cooperation in military training signed between Turkey and Libya in April 2012. Incoming soldiers shared their first impressions and thoughts with local reporters. Sulaiman Said Youssef, one of the Libyan soldiers, said he feels at home in Isparta and was very happy to be in Turkey.

Another Libyan soldier named Ahmed Saleh Muhafa stated that “the Turkish military personnel are treating us well. We see them as friends.” Abid al-Fattah, a Libyan solider, said he thinks the situation in Libya will improve soon. “The Libyan people watch us. We know the Turkish military well. We want to take on more assignments in the air and on land, just like the Turkish military does,” al-Fattah added.

The soldiers were provided with uniforms and military equipment after going through a health screening and receiving vaccinations. The Libyan soldiers will be trained at the Isparta Domestic Security Training Center.