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Georgian parliament to return to Tbilisi

Georgia’s parliament speaker, David Usupashvili, has called upon lawmakers to avoid demonstrating extra activeness in future debates over returning the chief law-making body to Tbilisi.

A parliamentary hearing over constitutional amendments envisaging the legislative return to the capital from the city of Kutaisi is set to take place later today, Georgia Online reported. But the residents of Georgia’s second largest city are said to be discontent with the move. They have taken to the streets for protest, with slogans reading, “Don’t Seize the Parliament from us”.

“The parliament is of key importance for Kutaisi, and not only Kutaisi, but also the entire Imeriti region. Leaving the parliament here would help improve the region’s infrastructures and each person’s social well-being,” said Mamuka Abuladze, one of the protesters.