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Supply of new radar sets to Azerbaijan for protection of offshore facilities

'Kelvin Hughes' company has announced that it will supply a total of 11 SharpEye™ radar sets for the protection of offshore facilities in Azerbaijan, according to a message posted on the company's website.

As part of VisSim's Marine Asset Protection and Surveillance System, Kelvin Hughes will be providing 10 SBS-800-1 (3.7m antenna) systems for offshore production platforms in the Caspian Sea, typically two radars per platform, and one SBS-800-2 (5.5m antenna) that will be installed onshore, the company said.

"Using a fibre optic connection being developed by Kelvin Hughes, the offshore SharpEye™ transceivers will be able to transmit more data at higher speeds, ensuring improved picture quality at the radar display," according to the message.

The company said that the full installation of the radars, following a planned programme of testing, is scheduled for August 2014.

"We are confident that SharpEye™ will deliver everything VisSim needs to protect the Azerbaijan offshore facilities they have been contracted to supply. Representing a significant advance on current marine radar technology with its ability to separate targets from clutter, SharpEye™ provides greatly improved situational awareness even in adverse weather conditions," Kelvin Hughes' Sales and Marketing Director, Spike Hughes said.

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