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Employee of Iranian culture center in Azerbaijan has been arrested and forced to leave within 48 hours

“Baku continues its policy of pressing the Iranian representatives,” the Iranian FARS news agency reports.

The report also says that Baku has violated the principles of the Vienne convention, it has arrested the representative of the cultural center of Iran to Azerbaijan for 3 hours and then has forced him to leave the country in 48 hours.

Correspondent of FARS comments on the incident and notes, “Since 2011 Azerbaijan has forced 8 Iranian representatives with official passports to leave the country or has not allowed them to enter Azerbaijan.

Despite the friendly policy that Iran carries out with Azerbaijan, the IRI spiritual leader, IRI Radio/TV and IRI Cultural Center’s employees have not been allowed to enter the country and they have been forced to return from the Baku airport to Iran.”

“Azerbaijan undertakes steps to prevent the activities of Iranian representative when Tehran continues its strategic support with Baku and secures Azerbaijan and Nakhijevan with connection. Moreover Iran refrains from undertaking corresponding steps, it has even allowed Azerbaijan to establish a cultural center in Iran. We hope that Iranian government will adequately respond to Azerbaijan’s devildom and will prevent the actions undertaken by that country,” sums up FARS correspondent.