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Two more Azerbaijani fighters killed in Syria

Two more Azerbaijani citizens were killed in Syria, says the websites owned by the mujahideen, APA reports.

According to information, Gusar resident – Azerbaijani mujahid aka Seyfullah lezgi fighting in the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra (AL-Nusra Front) was killed by the Bashar al-Assad forces yesterday and 18-year old Nijat a few days ago.

Photo and name of Seyfullah lezgi haven’t been revealed. He has reportedly been injured several times in the battles.

Nijat entered the university last year and went to Syria. Mujahideen posted his photo.

As the situation became tense a large number of Azerbaijani citizens started to go Syria and fight against the government forces within various radical groups. Nearly 100 Azerbaijanis were killed in the battles during this period. Photos of most of them were posted on social networks by the Mujahideen.

Source: APA