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New IMF Mission Chief appointed to Azerbaijan

"The International Monetary Fund (IMF), in consultation with the Government of Azerbaijan has appointed Mr. Raja Almarzoqi as new Mission Chief to Azerbaijan," Head of IMF Local Office in Baku Ms. Aghgun Gadirli told Trend on Thursday. Mr. Almarzoqi joined the Middle East and Central Asia Department of the Fund as Advisor in February 2012.

He brings a wealth of experience from his previous positions in the government, academia, and the private sector. Mr. Almarzoqi's extensive experience of oil exporting countries will be particularly relevant to his work on Azerbaijan.

Previously, the IMF mission to Azerbaijan was led by Mr. Nadeem Ilahi who was recently appointed Deputy Division Chief in the Fund's European Department.

"Mr. Almarzoqi was also part of the IMF staff team for the April 24 - May 2, 2012 Staff Visit as an expert with extensive experience with oil-based economies," Aghgun Gadirli said. In his new role as Mission Chief to Azerbaijan Mr. Almarzoqi will lead a staff visit during November, 2012.

Azerbaijan joined the International Monetary Fund on September 18, 1992. The cooperation between the IMF and Azerbaijan was especially intensive between 1995 and 2005, and during these years Azerbaijan frequently benefited from IMF policy advice and financial assistance in support of the Government's economic programs.

The IMF Office in Baku has been open since 1992 and although since October 2009 its staff has been reduced, the IMF remains an important partner to the government of Azerbaijan. It is worthy of note that IMF played an important role during the global economic and financial crisis.