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7 Azerbaijani terrorists killed in Syria since the beginning of 2014

Another citizen of Azerbaijan killed in Syria. He took part in the fighting against government forces of Syria among the grouping of "Frente Al Nusra", the Azeri news agency "APA" reports referring to sites belonging to the rebels.

It is reported that the liquidated Azerbaijani terrorist was known as "Abu Zar-Azeri." He was killed by the troops of Bashar al-Assad in Hama province.

According to "APA", after the deteriorating situation in Syria, a group of Azerbaijani citizens, who had left for Syria, joined the fight in the different formations.

"Abu Zar-Azeri" has become the seventh of Azerbaijani terrorists killed in Syria last week. On January 4, the agency "APA" reported about the destruction of two Azerbaijani terrorists in Syria who were members of the "Frente al-Nusra" group Namik Asgarov and someone called Soltan known as "Azeri Seifullakh." On January 7, "APA" reported about the elimination of another Azerbaijani terrorist in Syria known as "Primorskii Muhammed." On January 9 "APA" also reported about elimination of Rahman Shikhaliyev in Syria from the "Islamic State of Iraq and Sham" group. On January 10 they reported about the death of a 14 year old Azerbaijani citizen Kerimov Najaf Namik oglu, and on January 11 about elimination of other terrorist from Azerbaijan - Samir Gahly.

In the last period of time the media reported about a number of deaths of Azerbaijani terrorists in Syria. In early April, the Turkish sites have reported that about 30 terrorists from Azerbaijan have already been killed in Syria. According to the Azerbaijani conflict scientist Arif Yunus more than 300 Islamists from Azerbaijan are fighting in Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, according to Arif Yunus and the "Facthaber” portal, over 100 Azerbaijani terrorists are fighting in Syria. Azerbaijani terrorists had even placed an online video-record calling for "jihad.

The relationship between international terrorist groups and Azerbaijan originated in the early 1990s. That time, the Azerbaijani army, having failed in the aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR), retreated with losses. Trying to save the situation, the Azerbaijani leadership, headed by Heydar Aliyev attracted to the war against the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh international terrorists and members of radical groups from Afghanistan (groupings of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar), Turkey ("Grey Wolves", etc.), Chechnya (groupings Basayev and Raduyev etc.) and some other regions.

Despite the involvement in of thousands of foreign mercenaries and terrorists in the Azerbaijani army during the war, the Azerbaijani aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh Republic failed, and the Baku authorities were forced to sign an armistice with the NKR and Armenia. However, international terrorists found ties in Azerbaijan, and used them in the future. Recruitment was conducted among Azerbaijanis, who then were sent to Afghanistan and the North Caucasus, where participated in the battles against the forces of the international coalition and Russian organizations.

In recent years, the citizens of Azerbaijan are actively involved in terrorist and extremist activities in Russia, Afghanistan and Syria. In Azerbaijan the citizens are brought to criminal liability for participating in "illegal armed groups" in Afghanistan, sentenced to minor terms of imprisonment.