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Wahhabis cover all expenses of Azerbaijani fighters going to Syria

The Azerbaijanis that head to Syria to take part in military operations against government forces get financial support from Wahhabis and receive military training. As it is reported by Azerbaijani News Agency Faktxeber, the wife of one of the Azerbaijani terrorists liquidated in Syria said about this.

According to the article 34-year-old Azerbaijani, Soltan Mirzaev went to Syria in August and already on the 3rd of January was killed by the governmental forces of Syria.

His wife, Metanet Mirzaeva in her interview with Azerbaijani TV Channel MaidanTV said that when he left for Syria, he had no more than 7 dollars.

As she said Soltan's friends-Wahhabis of Turkey promised him to cover all his expenses. In Syria Mirzaev received military training for four months and then actively participated in fighting against the soldiers of Syrian army.

Recently there has been an increase in the reports of elimination of Azerbaijani terrorists. Since the beginning of 2014 Azerbaijani News Agency APA has reported about the elimination of 18 terrorist from Azerbaijan in Syria.