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Azerbaijan prepares action plan for energy efficiency by 2021

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Industry and Energy is preparing a National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency covering the years 2014-2020, head of the investment department of the ministry, Ramiz Rzayev said at a conference on rational energy purchases in buildings belonging to the public sector on Dec.13.

Up to 40 per cent of energy resources consumed in Azerbaijan can be saved. That means the level of efficiency of energy use in the country is not yet at the desired level, Rzayev said.

Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS) under the President of Azerbaijan, Farhad Mammadov said the energy sector is the focus of the Azerbaijani state. The country is paying special attention to the development of alternative energy resources. However the population is not paying enough attention to energy efficiency issues.

CSS will continue holding further events to highlight the issue, Mammadov stressed.

Source: Trend