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Azerbaijan bought 47 warplanes and 109 helicopters over last 10 years

As a result of researches conducted by APA on the basis of reports of the UN Register of Conventional Arms, in 2001-2011, Baku strengthened its aviation park with new warplanes, combat helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles during the last 10 years.
According to reports presented by the purchasing and selling countries, Azerbaijan bought 47  warplanes and 109 helicopters from various countries over the last 10 years. Azerbaijan included more than 30 unmanned aerial vehicles to the armament of the Armed Forces.
During analysis of reports, Azerbaijan bought warplanes from 4 countries – Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Georgia, helicopters – from Russia and Ukraine, UAV’s from Israeli and local enterprises.
Azerbaijan bought 13 Su-25 warplanes (12 Su-25 and 1 Su-25UB) from Georgia, 12 L-39, 16 MiG-29 (2 MiG-29UB, 14 MiG-29) from Ukraine, 6 Su-25 from Belarus. In general, Azerbaijan included 19 Su-25, 15 MiG-29, 12 L-39 Albatros  warplanes to its airpark.

A s regards the helicopters, Azerbaijan bought 12 Mi-24 (1 Mi-24R) from Ukraine, 24 Mi-35M, 71 Mi-8/Mi-17V1/Mi-171, 2 Ka-31 helicopters from Russia. The agreement was signed with “Rosoboroneksport” company in 2010 on purchase of 84 helicopters (60 Mi-17V1 and 24 Mi-35M) and the deliveries are being continued.