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Armenia accepts US offer to participate in Global Peace Operations Initiative

Armenia has accepted U.S. offer to participate in Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI), representatives of Defense Department Evelyn Farkas said in Yerevan.

She noted that within this program Armenia’s Defense Ministry will have wider opportunities to develop peacekeeping capabilities.

“Relations between Armenia and US have been developing year after year, including through the involvement of Armenia in peacekeeping missions in Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense told reporters after consultations in Yerevan.

Armenia is an important partner of the United States in several directions as a partner in Caucasus region, within NATO’s Partnership for Peace, partner of US European Command, partner of the Kansas National Guard, partner in Kosovo and Afghanistan (ISAF).

Evelyn Farkas noted that Armenia’s participation in peacekeeping missions is worthy of special assessment, as the country’s armed forces are exporting security to other problematic spots around the world.