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New UAVs ‘Navodchik-2’ test starts at Russian military base in Armenia

Military personnel at a Russian base in Armenia have begun tests of the new UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) complex 'Navodchik-2', ITAR-TASS said with reference to the press service of the Southern Military District.

"Test flights at the educational-training complexes Kamkhud and Alagaz are being conducted day and night in different climatic conditions including mountainous locations," the Southern Military District said.

Drones are used for aerial reconnaissance and jamming. They can carry out combat missions at any time due to their photo equipment, infrared and video modules that can be used to detect even a well-disguised enemy. The maximum speed of the aircraft is about 120 kilometres per hour, with the maximum altitude is up to 3000 metres.

Earlier, unmanned aircraft were formed in the makeup of brigades of the 58th army UAV. They have been staffed by soldiers with technical education and knowledge of computer techniques trained at the UAV centre in Kolomna.

In 2013, units of the 58th Army received 30 UAV complexes, 'Zastava', 'Granat', 'Orlan' and 'Leer'. It is expected there will be new UAVs 'Eleron' and 'Takhion' in 2014.